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A big “Happy day!” to our North American friends, celebrating Canada Day and Independence Day around this time. As a bonus holiday gift, we’re releasing the PDF of “Swords vs Owlbears” and “The Font of Knowledge” – our Free RPG Day 2017 adventures  – to everyone. If you already picked up the book in stores, you may have noticed some oddities; these have been corrected in the PDF.

We’re excited about TimeWatch and Bubblegumshoe‘s multiple nominations in the 2017 ENnie Awards! Voting will start from July 11th, so keep your eyes peeled for the notifications. This year, you can bid to win a Dream Date with Pelgrane Press at the ENnies. Hang out with us at the Cocktail Hour before the ceremony! Sit with us during the Awards Ceremony! Get a signed copy of Cthulhu Confidential and a t-shirt! The eBay auctions – to raise funds for the ENnies Awards production – are here, and here, and you have ten days to bid.

Available this month is the pre-order for Cthulhu City, our paranoid, creepy, Mythos-flooded urban setting for Trail of Cthulhu. And while the Snowcub edition of the 13th Age Bestiary 2 with the limited edition print is no longer available, you can still pre-order the book itself. A print is still available with the limited edition versions of Eyes of the Stone Thief; Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan has individually hand-signed each one, and added a funny comment, too.

New Releases


13th Age

      • 13th Sage: In Case of Emergency, Summon Mooks – Rob Heinsoo on how he uses this 13th Age tech in his games
      • 13th Age Character Builds. In this series by ASH LAW, we feature two different builds for every 13th Age character class, at all levels. ASH suggests how the builds might be used, and offers tips on playing each character. Stats are based on the point-buy method, and the characters have no non-standard elements.

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