Pelgrane’s ENnie Nominations 2017

The ENnie award nominations have been announced, and the voting booth is open.

The ENnies are annual awards which celebrate and reward the year’s best roleplaying game releases. They are run by ENworld – a huge and popular forum devoted primarily to roleplaying games.  Each year at Gen Con they host a ceremony which acknowledges and rewards that year’s roleplaying game highlights. As with many awards the recipients get more excited about them than the customers who buy the products. But we are recipients, and this article is about our excitement!

First the judges examine all the entries to select the nominees, then it goes to a popular vote.

There are six Pelgrane and five Pelgrane-adjacent nominations. The Edom Files, a collection of Dracula Dossier adventures gets a nod for Best Adventure. Timewatch, written by Kevin Kulp  is nominated for Best Game and Product of the Year. The Book of Changing Years, a multi-author in-world journal for TimeWatch is up for Best Writing. Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan wrote Swords Against the Dead and The Van Helsing Letter, a 13th Age and Night’s Black Agents adventure which is nominated as Best Free Product, and is available as part of the KWAS and 13th Age Monthly subscriptions. Pelgrane is the executive producer of Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff– a multi-award winning podcast.

Our friends at Evil Hat published the GUMSHOE-powered teen detective roleplaying game Bubblegumshoe, and it’s received an amazing four nominations. Many props to Emily Care Boss, Kenneth Hite, and Lisa Steele.

Finally, Campaign Coins produced the beautiful 13th Age Icon Tokens.

Best Adventure
The Edom Files (Pelgrane Press)

Best Aid/Accessory
13th Age Icon Tokens (Campaign Coins)

Best Family Game
Bubblegumshoe (Evil Hat)

Best Free Product
Free RPG Day Flipbook – Swords Against the Dead and The Van Helsing Letter (Pelgrane Press)

Best Game
Timewatch (Pelgrane Press)
Bubblegumshoe (Evil Hat)

Best Writing
The Book of Changing Years (Pelgrane Press)

Best Podcast
Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff

Best Rules
Bubblegumshoe (Evil Hat)

Product of the Year
Bubblegumshoe (Evil Hat)
Timewatch (Pelgrane Press)



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