View from the Pelgrane’s Nest – November 2017

This month, Pelgrane Press attended PAX Unplugged, an offshoot of the other enormous and successful PAX conventions. It was the first chance for our new administrative assistant Colleen Riley to meet Cat and other Pelgranistas, Rachel Kahn, Ken Hite and Will Jobst. What was particularly good about PAX Unplugged was that almost all of our customers were new to Pelgrane and a lot of them were new to tabletop roleplaying altogether.

And now, the annual migration of the Pelgranes has nearly reached its destination – Pelgrane HQ – in preparation for Dragonmeet. the one-day London-based convention and our annual summit. Ken Hite, Robin Laws, Rob Heinsoo, Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan and from ProFantasy, Ralf Schemmann will all be there. On Saturday, Ken and Robin Talk  About Stuff will be recorded live, and we’ll be running a seminar on Investigation, too.Ryfer

An all-new Vivian Sinclair adventure for Cthulhu Confidential, Ex Astoria is out now from the store.


Fire & Faith and the Map Folio bundle for 13th Age are on pre-order, as is The Book of Demons.

The Fall of Delta Green

Our intention this year is to improve our graphic design, and with The Fall of Delta Green, I feel like our artists and in particular layout designer Jen McCleary have leveled us up. This isn’t like anything else we’ve done before – it’s shiny and psychedelic, really capturing that late 60s vibe. Layout is nearly complete, so it’s likely that the PDF will be ready by the end of the year (subject to approval), ready for printing in January 2018.

13th Age

Fire & Faith is on the presses right now, and should be ready for shipment on 11th December. I don’t know if it will make the UK warehouse in time to go out before the end of the year – we’ll see. It’s available on pre-order from the store. PDFs now.

The Book of Demons is in layout.

Rob is now editing the Book of Ages.

Our cartographers have been released from the Fire & Faith Map folio. Christina Trani is now working on an adventure which will feature on the roll20 virtual platform, and Rich Longmore has created tokens for the same. After that it will be the adventure collection Shards of the Broken Sky.


Hideous Creatures – the Mythos Bestiary for Trail of Cthulhu is being written. It will include expanded versions of Ken Hite’s KWAS subscription entries plus plenty of new content.

Cthulhu City has been released to critical acclaim. Fearful Symmetries is in-house for a development pass, to be resent to Steve Dempsey for rewrites. Paula Dempsey’s companion volume The Book of the New Jerusalem is in the final stages of layout.

The Persephone Extraction – a campaign for NBA – is in editing.

SOLO – the NBA One-2-One setting is half-written, with one mission completed, and is waiting on Gareth’s work on Hideous Creatures.

The Yellow King

The first draft of the Yellow King roleplaying game text is complete and Paris has been playtested. Absinthe in Carcosa is written and Dean Engelhardt has submitted 25% of the graphic embellishment for that tome. The playtest drafts for the other supplements will be available soon to backers. We’ll notify them when they are ready.

For the moment, you can still get Kickstarter rewards in the store.

I’ll leave you with the illustration from This is Normal Now by Aaron Acevedo.



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