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If you ever have problems getting hold of our products through distribution – for example, you are told they are out of stock, or out of print – email Impressions.

These distributors stock Pelgrane Press games:

United States

ACD Distribution, LLC
Aladdin Distributors, Inc.
Alliance Game Distributors, Inc.
GTS Distribution
PHD Games
Golden Distribution
Southern Hobby


Lion Rampant
Universal West/New Century


Arcane Tinmen – Denmark
Fantastaspielpelit – Finland
Brave New World – Germany
Bergsala Enigma – Scandinavia/Finland and the Baltics
Asmodee UK – UK

You can also email Impressions Game Distribution Services if you need to find a distributor carrying our line, or if you are a distributor seeking to do so. Impressions supplies all our distributors and through them the retailers. We also sell to retailers through Indie Press Revolution.

Retailers can supply their customers with free PDFs of our products through the Bits and Mortar program.

Contact Details

Phone (925) 240-0862

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