View from the Pelgrane’s Nest – January 2019

It’s a new year and a new Pelgrane, with a lot of changes around our virtual office. Simon has now started his one-year sabbatical, and to cover the skills gap left by his absence, we’re welcoming Sadhbh Warren to the team. She’s joining us on a temporary contract as a Project Manager, and will be continuing Simon’s work on the website upgrade, as well as starting off some projects I’ve wanted to get off the ground for ages, like developing our GM and community hubs, looking into a range of Pelgrane-themed merchandise, and providing a decent support package to bricks-and-mortar game stores. I’ve worked with Sadhbh on a number of events, and she’s always impressed me with her capability and initiative. I’m excited to see what she can bring to the company.

We’re also working on a job spec for a new part-time temporary position. This will be community-focused, and very involved in our social media, providing better communication for everyone interested in what we’re up to, as well as improving our existing resources, and developing a new suite of video resources for Twitch and YouTube. This role will also manage our customer support, taking over from Colleen Riley, who left Pelgrane at the end of December.

NEW! Even Death Can Die – an adventure collection for Cthulhu Confidential

I think this is the first time we’ve done an adventure collection that’s bigger than the core book! Even Death Can Die features three adventures for each of the three Cthulhu Confidential protagonists – Langston Wright, Vivian Sinclair, and Dex Raymond. Making ensure GMs have everything they need means a lot of text, and so this is weighing in at a whopping 360 pages. Pre-order this month, and get the pre-edited PDF straight away.

Work in progress update: Shards of the Broken Sky

Rob Heinsoo has been working his fingers to the bone this month on the final text of Shards of the Broken Sky. He’ll be posting an update himself during the month, going through the time-consuming and labour-intensive process involved in 13th Age development. We originally commissioned this from ASH LAW in 2015, but while we’ve been cutting it down from double the original word count, 13th Age tech and best practices have changed, meaning that a lot of the actual text has needed to be updated along the way. The art and cartography is now finished apart from one or two pieces, and I’m pleased with the progress we’ve made on getting the text to the standard Rob wants it to be. We’re hoping to release this on pre-order at the end of January.

Work in progress update: Swords of the Serpentine

Kevin and Emily have also been hard at work, finishing the first draft of Swords of the Serpentine, which we’re delighted to be releasing for public playtesting this month. You can find out more about what’s in the playtest in this post.

Other news: New Gamemaster Month

Last year, we joined our good colleagues at Monte Cook Games and Atlas Games for the first ever New Gamemaster Month. Designed to inspire “maybe…”GMs and “…sometime” GMs to pick up and run their first ever game, we provided all you needed to run your first Trail of Cthulhu game. We had such great feedback from it, with a number of newbie GMs taking the plunge, that we’ve decided to do it again this year, with Chaosium joining the initiative. This will be kicking off on the website tomorrow, Tuesday January 8th; you can also follow it along on Facebook and Twitter. Even if you’re an experienced GM, we’d love you to get involved on the social media, to offer advice and cheerleading to those taking their first steps into Trail of Cthulhu GMing.

Other other news: The Black Book character generator update

As well as The Fall of DELTA GREEN, Trail of Cthulhu and Night’s Black Agents, the GUMSHOE character generator, the Black Book, will soon support The Yellow King RPG. Steven Hammond has shared some some preview screen shots over on the Facebook GUMSHOE Roleplaying Games Community.

The first image shows edit mode with the new “poolless” Investigative Skills. The second shows play mode with Push tracking instead of Health. Finally, the third image shows the new game picker. This new version is more mobile friendly (without the cover image) and makes it easier to games that are variations on another game (like the Dracula Dossier or Bookhounds). The scroll icon, shows a game with an unanswered campaign invite from a GM.

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