Gorsk the God

A scenario seed for The Gaean Reach


During their quest to find interstellar adversary Quandos Vorn, the revenge-seekers hear that he too is on the hunt. He seeks Gorsk, a former lieutenant who has stolen an item of experimental technology using a master plan Quandos Vorn himself formulated. As they follow Gorsk’s trail over a series of scenes, locations and interactions, the team discovers:

  • the site of the heist, a secret vault beneath the Pan Arts Museum on Alcydon, where Gorsk garroted a pair of curators
  • that the device has been sealed away for generations, to protect the Reach from what would otherwise have been its inevitable use
  • that it is known as the Godhood Array
  • that Gorsk traveled to the resort planet, Fluter, to kidnap Foringan Fost, the Reach’s foremost expert in the handling of the dangerous radioactive material Glimmerium
  • that Gorsk took him to a sector of the Reach permeated by waves from the EKS Quasar

When they reach the orbital research platform where Gorsk commanded Foringan Fost to activate the Godhood Array, they find that Vorn’s ex-factotum has been transformed into a quasi-divine stellar entity. In his tormented new semi-substantial form his distorted face hangs in the starfield, howling in existential agony. The Array subatomically transmigrated him into an omniscient but utterly powerless being. Like any sapient being, Gorsk the God finds this ironic state of existence infinitely painful.

He now understands the full truth: Quandos Vorn intended Gorsk to get the array, knowing he would use it, and suffer this awful fate for all eternity.

Gorsk the God offers the team knowledge of Quandos Vorn’s future whereabouts—provided they can figure out a way to destroy him, ending his misery. Can they trust him, or is he planning one last cosmic swindle?


The Gaean Reach, the Roleplaying Game of Interstellar Vengeance, brings to your tabletop the legendary cycle of science fiction classics by the great Jack Vance. This ingenious hybrid fuses the investigative clarity of the GUMSHOE system with the lethal wit of the Dying Earth Roleplaying Game. Purchase The Gaean Reach in print and PDF at the Pelgrane Shop.

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