13th Age 2e: More Info

We mentioned in our previous post that the key features of 13th Age 2e are as follows:

  • Backwards compatible with ten years of support books.
  • Better options for class talents, powers, and spells.
  • Each class gets 2+ additional pages of new talents, feats, powers, and spells.
  • Improved icon relationships.
  • More flexible handling of kin/ancestry abilities and powers during character creation, including multiple hero powers for each kin.
  • Scarier monsters and cooler treasures.
  • More banter, better advice.
  • New and better take on the fighter.
  • New cover from Lee Moyer & Aaron McConnell.

Over on his blog, Rob Heinsoo’s latest posts address the last five bullet points on this list, as well as looking at the core team working on the second edition.



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