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Secrets of the Truthcallers

by Jay Godden, edited by Isaac Rolfe and Rob Heinsoo, art by Lee Moyer & Aaron McConnell Read the introductory post here. In the much anticipated Second Edition of 13th Age we can expect to see a few changes to magic items. For the 13th and final article in this series, we explore a magic […]

13th Age 2e: More Info

We mentioned in our previous post that the key features of 13th Age 2e are as follows: Backwards compatible with ten years of support books. Better options for class talents, powers, and spells. Each class gets 2+ additional pages of new talents, feats, powers, and spells. Improved icon relationships. More flexible handling of kin/ancestry abilities […]

Announcing 13th Age 2nd Edition!

The rumours are true – a second edition of 13th Age will be coming to Kickstarter in 2023! Work on the new edition has already begun, and you can sign up to playtest the new edition by emailing Rob at 13thAgePlaytest@gmail.com. Here are the key features of 13th Age 2e: Backwards compatible with ten years […]

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