November playtesting

Dice imagePlease email for instructions on how to take part in this playtest!

Title: Cassilda’s Song: Paris section

System:The Yellow King RPG

Authors: Robin D. Laws

Deadline for return of feedback: Tuesday 31st January 2023

Number of sessions: 1-2 sessions per each of the four adventures


Like the YKRPG itself, Cassilda’s Song consists of four books, one for each of the core settings. Each contains four scenarios, plus additional scenario spines (outlines for you to further flesh out) and story hooks (short premises for you to structure and flesh out.)

The four Paris scenarios to be playtested are:

• Mysteries of the Oenomorph, in which strange new monstrous beings brought into being in the vineyards of Burgundy arrive in the city to unleash the sort of bloodbath that pleases Camilla. Can the art students prevail without accepting the wrong kind of help from a mysterious woman in green?
• The Fourth Voice: Green delirium spreads through the city’s cultural and occult circles when a musical ode to Cassilda falls into the repertoire of the era’s most celebrated singer, Emma Calvé. What do the art students fear most: assassins sent by Camilla, or the ghostly sword of the singer’s otherworldly protector?
• Find Marie Curie! After their presence somehow assists odd arrivals from appearing in the city, the art students discover that obscure young scientist Marie Curie has gone missing. Their search for her leads to an anti-industrial sect and its supernatural patron, the Duke of Nature—and a disturbing glimpse of the shadows they cast into worlds to come.
• The Streets Run Green: Cassilda makes her decisive bid to claim the City of Lights as her own, flooding the air with absinthe clouds that induce mass psychosis. Can the art students stop her from claiming her prize?


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