Cassilda’s Song

The War of the Sisters

STRANGER: Have you fashioned your masks?

CAMILLA AND CASSILDA: Father, they shall not be masks for long.

STRANGER: From what have you fashioned them?

CAMILLA: From Rodrigo’s red flesh.

CASSILDA: From my song of green joy.

Cassilda’s Song, a massive scenario series for The Yellow King Roleplaying Game, spans all four of its core sequences: Paris, The Wars, Aftermath, and This is Normal Now.

Its overarching plot turns on a contest between the two daughters of the King in Yellow, Cassilda and Camilla, who race with one another to destroy the timelines, winning the favor of their pallid father. Camilla seeks a cataclysm of blood and fire. Cassilda intends to dissolve reality into hallucinatory delirium.

Standing against them are the four sets of player characters, who through a series of interlocked mysteries discover this cosmic contest and struggle to disrupt it, saving the worlds they know from Carcosa’s tightening grip.

Like YKRPG itself, Cassilda’s Song consists of four books. Each contains four scenarios, plus additional scenario spines (outlines for you to further flesh out) and story hooks (short premises for you to structure and flesh out.)

Status: In development/This Is Normal Now section in playtesting


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