View from the Pelgrane’s Nest – November 2022

ICYMI last month, I mentioned that during the pandemic, See Page XX fell by the wayside. Thanks to the generosity of our Patreon backers, we’re delighted to bring it back, full to the proverbial brim of articles, new releases, details on the current status of everything we’re working on, and playtesting opportunities.

A big thank you this month goes out to our Patreon backers Charles Paradis, gamedave, R. Brian Scott, Peter Nix, Cody Swendrowski, Bryan, Clark Olson-Smith, Jim McCarthy, Emma Marlow, Craig Maloney, Vivienne Dunstan, Finyet, Phil LaDouceur, Justin, Michael Knowles, Peter, S. Go, Bryant Durrell, P. Troilus, George Poles, Michael Maneval, ScottKey, Michael Bowman, and Todd W Crone!

NEW RELEASE: Fifth Imperative

When I first read Robin D. Laws’ novel, The Missing and the Lost, I had a real lightbulb moment with the Aftermath setting for The Yellow King RPG. Suddenly, I got the mood, and the kind of scrapes the PCs got into in that section of the arc. The protagonist of that novel, the Technician, was on what should have been a straightforward enough mission: to make the Castaigne-dominated former Government’s Lethal Chambers obsolete.

He didn’t quite manage it in The Missing and the Lost, so our favourite Lethal Chamber Technician is back, and this time, he’s…running for public office? in Robin’s latest novel, Fifth Imperative. Join the Technician as he tries another tack to demolish the bleak shadow cast by the Castaigne regime he helped to overthrow. SImilar to the first novel in the series, Fifth Imperative can be enjoyed as a chilling look into an alternate future-present, or as inspiration and background for the Aftermath setting of your YKRPG campaign. Pre-order now, and get the PDF, EPUB and MOBI files straight away

Holiday office closures and last shipping dates

Becky’s dusted down her festive shipping post and updated it for 2022, so if you’re looking to order something from our webstore over the next six weeks, be sure to check in on the last shipping dates and our office closures for the holidays.

NEW IN STORE: Gift cards

Many of you have asked, and here it is! If you frequently find yourself in late December with all your holiday shopping still to do, we’ve got the ideal present for Pelgrane-loving friends and family – the Pelgrane webstore digital gift card! Available in a wide range of denominations, you can schedule the email to arrive with the giftee whenever you want (making them great for over-the-holidays birthdays, too). There’s a space for you to add a personal message or traditional greetings, but you can really personalise the gift by posting short scenario hooks or NPC ideas in there instead.


If you’re near London this coming Saturday, head to Hammersmith and chat to us at Dragonmeet! Our international travellers have booked their flights and will be triumphantly returning to the booth, and to the first Ken AND Robin Talk About Stuff…Live! since Dragonmeet 2019, which is not to be missed. Plus, catch up with Simon, me, and Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

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P. S. Looking for an update on one of our books? Check the Latest Releases and Coming Soon accordions on this month’s See Page XX post!

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