13th Age comes to The Foundry

by Ellen Abolt

We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with the community developers of Toolkit 13, the community 13th Age system on Foundry VTT. As of the latest release, Toolkit 13 is now simply 13th Age.

As official partners, we’ll be working directly with the community developers on future endeavors. They will still drive development and add to the system on their schedule and terms, but Pelgrane Press is joining the conversation. The system will always be freely available and open source under the MIT license.

The latest release has included new content and features thanks to this partnership – check out the full release notes for the current version to see the latest changes and bug fixes: https://gitlab.com/asacolips-projects/foundry-mods/archmage/-/jobs/artifacts/1.25.0/raw/archmage.zip?job=build-prod

Ready to download? Search for the system directly in Foundry, or install via manifest: https://gitlab.com/asacolips-projects/foundry-mods/archmage/-/raw/1.25.0/system.json

Partnering with the community developers is just the first step. We have premium content in the works that will allow us to bring more 13th Age content to you on Foundry VTT. We’ll go into details and dates in future announcements, but here’s a teaser for now.

We have a lot of other plans for the future, but I wanted to discuss the 13th Age Bestiary 2 directly since it’s some of the most requested content for 13th Age on Foundry. Honestly, we’d like that content for our own games so it’s definitely in our sights, but we don’t know exactly when or what that will look like. We’ll keep you updated.

Last, but certainly not least, we’re sure people will ask: What about GUMSHOE? The GUMSHOE system on Foundry VTT is currently named INVESTIGATOR, also built by a community developer – check it out here https://foundryvtt.com/packages/investigator. We’re in contact with him and hope to have exciting news soon!

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