March playtesting

Dice imagePlease email for instructions on how to take part in this playtest!

Title: Cassilda’s Song: The Wars section

System:The Yellow King RPG

Authors: Robin D. Laws

Deadline for return of feedback: Friday 28th April 2023

Number of sessions: 1-2 sessions per each of the four adventures


Like the YKRPG itself, Cassilda’s Song consists of four books, one for each of the core settings. Each contains four scenarios, plus additional scenario spines (outlines for you to further flesh out) and story hooks (short premises for you to structure and flesh out.)

The four The Wars scenarios to be playtested are:

The Citadel: The squad must occupy and hold an old fortress under assault by otherworldly forces.
The Smilers: A plague of eerie joy infects soldiers, sending them from the trenches into the killing zone of No Man’s Land. The squad must identify, travel to, and destroy the installation responsible.
Masks of the Aldones: In a chateau behind enemy lines, the squad goes undercover to meet Carcosan royalty face-to-face, watching as the score of the game is adjudicated.
Battle of Marseille: As the enemy readies an unlikely amphibious landing through the densely built port of Marseille, the squad receives orders to retrieve the princess who controls the Loyalists. Having briefly been arrested by mortals aware of her tricks, she now has escaped. She awaits reunion with the squad, which has a central role to play in her own plan to bring the war to an explosive close.


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