Closing date for Gen Con games!

If you’re attending Gen Con 2023, we’d love you to run Pelgrane RPGs at it! GMs get t-shirts, swag bags, Pelgrane webstore discounts, and if you run more than three sessions, you also get a GM badge giving you free entry to Gen Con 2023!

March 11th is the closing date for game submissions, so if you’re interested in joining our GM team at Gen Con, please email (click here to open with your email client) with the following info:

  1. Your name
  2. Your Gen Con registered email address
  3. Your t-shirt size
  4. Number of 4-hour games you can run
  5. Preferred adventures, days, and times to run, using this format –
    • At Land’s Edge (13th Age) // Thursday // 4PM – 6PM EST

We’ve got a load of new adventures that you can choose from, as well as some much-loved classics. Here are the new adventures:

Swords of the Serpentine

Losing Face – The Heroes’ friend Galdo brings them a shocking discovery – an unconscious woman with blank skin where her face should be. Who is she, and why is she significant? And more importantly, why did someone – or something – do this to her, and what is it they’re planning?

13th Age 2nd Edition

2-hour freeform adventure – Play pregen 2nd level characters from the current 2E rules in an adventure using built on the fly around the One Unique Things and backgrounds chosen in your group.

Warriors of the Three – It’s Blue-vs- Black-vs-Red as warbands devoted to the Three fight over an artifact each Great Dragon covets. Tune a 5th level 13th Age 2E pregen character and prove your chosen Dragon is strongest.

Trail of Cthulhu

A Figure Drawn in Dust – The characters receive a mysterious telegram telling them that cantankerous Scottish archaeologist Professor Thomas Morson has been murdered in a remote Scottish Highland hamlet. They must investigate the murder, as well as their own complex feelings towards the complicated man.

The Yellow King RPG

A Cigarette, A Blindfold, And You – In this adventure for The Wars, the player characters are French soldiers, assigned to guard duty in Monsireigne, a lakeside town captured from the enemy Royalists. The squad carry out a number of executions as a firing squad, but everything changes when a condemned man confesses that a treasure is hidden in town.

Not All of Us Made It – In this adventure for Aftermath, the revolution happened six months ago. The characters are survivors of the nightmarish incarceration camp at Fort Hyades, who have gathered at a support meeting when they are nearly killed by a bomb. When the police are singularly unhelpful, they have to investigate for themselves.

Message in a Bottle – In this adventure for This is Normal Now, the player characters’ old friend, Preston Price, has fallen ill, and his wife Rosa asks the characters to investigate, leading them to a trail of cryptic messages in absinthe bottles.

You can also run one of the following adventures, choose an adventure from a Pelgrane system not listed here, or design your own adventure for any Pelgrane game:

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