October playtesting

Dice imagePlease email support@pelgranepress.com for instructions on how to take part in this playtest!

Title: Cassilda’s Song: Aftermath section

System: The Yellow King RPG

Authors: Robin D. Laws

Deadline for return of feedback: Sunday 3rd December 2023

Number of sessions: 1-2 sessions per each of the four adventures


Like the YKRPG itself, Cassilda’s Song consists of four books, one for each of the core settings. Each contains four scenarios, plus additional scenario spines (outlines for you to further flesh out) and story hooks (short premises for you to structure and flesh out.)

The four Aftermath scenarios to be playtested are:

The Scalpel: When a captured war criminal escapes from custody, the ex-insurgents are brought in to find and capture him.
Hotel Aldones: The ex-insurgents assist the owner of a resort hotel on the brink of its grand reopening. The problem lies in its stones, imported from a castle that bore witness to horror during the Continental War.
The Carcosan Who Came in From the Cold: An alien duchess seeks reintegration into the new era of peace and freedom. Do they facilitate her turn to the straight and narrow, or remind themselves that her mask doesn’t come off?
Restorer of Rule: As the moment of the crew’s decisive political win approaches, both lodges draw on the moldering secrets of Mr. Wilde to effect a mass transformation to open the gates in a new way, bringing Carcosans back to America.

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