13th Age 2E: Kin Powers for the Silver Folk

(art by McConnell & Moyer)

Each of the common kin have at least three kin powers in 13th Age 2E. Our third preview of kin powers from the in-progress Beta playtest packet is for the elves who call themselves the silver folk, known as drow by their enemies. (You can find the human kin powers here and the dwarf kin powers here.)

Both cruel and devious strike were in the Alpha playtest packet.

As playtesters of the Alpha packet noted, devious strike aims directly at silver folk rogues. For now we’re saying that’s a good thing, so long as the other two kin powers have wider appeal. Devious strike might also be good for fighters and barbarians, though I haven’t played with that yet.

Cruel works for anyone. Overall, this version of cruel is a small upgrade over the version in the original core book. It’s helped a little by the fact that in 2E, critical hits deal double ongoing damage.

To balance the two offensive options, we’ve added something entirely defensive. The new power, shadow-slip, is in the same family as the rogue’s Shadow Walk talent, but doesn’t add a damage bonus when you step out of shadow. The power is probably just-fine for the shadow-slipping elf, it’s the rest of their party that may experience rough sledding. As allies of Shadow Walking rogues can attest, it can be rough to be left in the spotlight when your ally has temporarily slipped away from the battle!

Silver Elves

Kin power: Choose one of cruel, devious strike, or shadow-slip.

Cruel (Kin Power)

Once per battle as a free action, deal ongoing damage to a single target you hit with a natural even attack roll. The ongoing damage is 15 at adventurer tier, 30 at champion, and 50 at epic. As usual, a normal save (11+) ends the damage.

Champion Feat: Once per day, you can instead use cruel to deal 5 ongoing damage per level against a target you have missed or had a natural odd attack roll against. (Yes, you could even deal the ongoing damage with a natural 1; you’re that cruel.)

Devious Strike (Kin Power)

Once per battle when an ally’s melee attack misses a foe you are engaged with, you can make a basic melee attack against that as a free action. Add +4 to your attack roll.

Adventurer Feat: If your Devious Strike hits, gain a +2 bonus to all your defenses until an enemy attack misses you.

Shadow-slip (Kin Power)

Once per battle when an enemy moves to engage you, roll a normal save as an interrupt action. If the save succeeds, you disappear into shadow, removing yourself from the battle. The enemy can continue its move and attack a different target, if it wishes.

At the start of your next turn, you return to the battle nearby the spot you slipped into shadow from. Unlike the rogue’s Shadow Walk talent, you don’t gain any attack advantages the turn you return from shadow.

Adventurer Feat: If your shadow-slip save fails, the power is not expended. You can use it again later this battle.


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