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Trail of Cthulhu review by the Mad Adventurers Society

Jay Draper over at The Mad Adventurers Society reviewed Trail of Cthulhu. Full review here, thanks Jay! “Overall, I really enjoyed playing Trail of Cthulhu. Despite it sharing the same setting as Call of Cthulhu, it is a far simpler game that is definitely more suited to the narrative, roleplay-focused style of gameplay that is popular […]

Albion’s Ransom: Little Girl Lost & Albion’s Ransom: Worm of Sixty Winters double review by kafka

kafka’s shining review of Albion’s Ransom: Little Girl Lost & Albion’s Ransom: Worm of Sixty Winters is available in full at 10/10: “this is British horror at its best.”  “The Esoterrorists picks up where Cthulhu games sometimes leave off in creating a truly horrific experience without getting into gore and staying true to the cosmic horror […]

Improvising With GUMSHOE

Improvising With GUMSHOE by Steve Dempsey This article discusses an improvised variant of the GUMSHOE rules. It can be just as easily used for Fear Itself, Esoterrorists, or any other GUMSHOE game. Most games of GUMSHOE are played using a scenario that the GM has written. Not only does she introduce each scene and play […]

kafka praises Soldiers of Pen and Ink

Awarding Soldiers of Pen and Ink a 10/10, kafka says, “Gauntlett marvelously captures this mood and weaves a Mythos tale of intrigue and clandestine activity with the strong affinity of good Mythos literature” “Players looking for the buzz of an alternative and peculiar locale outside Lovecraft country … should look into  Soldiers of Pen and […]

Review of Eternal Lies by the Flames Rising blog

On the Flames Rising blog, reviewer Steven Dawes says about the epic Eternal Lies campaign: “Eternal Lies is simply the most well developed and well designed adventure book I’ve ever seen!” Steven adds, “The campaign storyline is loyal to and very worthy of the Cthulhu Mythos. The rules and organization of the book are easy […]

Jason Thompson reviews The Dreamhounds of Paris

Jason Thompson, over on his blog,, reviews The Dreamhounds of Paris. Jason says, “This is great stuff. The Surrealists and the Mythos belong together.” Adding, “The idea of the Surrealists being Randolph-Carter-level Dreamers (or even better than that Carter dude) is genius; I can’t imagine historical figures who fit the role more.” “In short, […]

See Page XX. Feb 2015: Expeditions: Today!

Expeditions: Today! Seeking adventure and a taste of the exotic? Miskatonic University is looking for explorers, adventurers, and academics to range the untamed and untapped regions of the globe. Opportunities like these can be found in Mythos Expeditions, for Trail of Cthulhu. Rest, Romance, and Recreation in Gabon Follow Miskatonic University’s anthropology department to beautiful, […]

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