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world map colourExpeditions: Today!

Seeking adventure and a taste of the exotic? Miskatonic University is looking for explorers, adventurers, and academics to range the untamed and untapped regions of the globe. Opportunities like these can be found in Mythos Expeditions, for Trail of Cthulhu.

Rest, Romance, and Recreation in Gabon

Follow Miskatonic University’s anthropology department to beautiful, exotic Gabon. The gem of West Africa, Gabon is a lush, untouched land. Visit the jungleside estate of chief anthropologist, Mary Kingsley. Kingsley, whose research focused on the cannibalistic Fang people, is currently missing and presumed dead. See the flora, the fauna, and the mysterious Fang people of the Mikembe rainforest. Take Kingsley’s last known route down the Ogooue River, to Kingsley’s campsite. For outdoorsmen seeking a true challenge, scramble to Chaillu Mountains and seek the Kingsley’s last known location, the meteoric peak.

The Horrible Truth

An attache of starved Byakhee crashed and landed at the meteoric peak of the Chaillu Mountains. The Fang people, led by a crazed Mary Kingsley, are mobilizing against the bloodthirsty Byakhee.

Tour: two weeks after arrival in Libreville.

The Lure of the Labrador Wilds

Looking for some local flavor? Try the North American Wilderness. Misk U. is seeking explorers and adventurers to trace the 1903 expedition of frenzied author and outdoorsman Dillon Wallace. Range through Canada’s Labrador wilds to uncover traces of Wallace’s fated trip through Lake Michikamau. Rumor is that Wallace still roams Labrador, searching his companion, Leonidas Hubbard.

The Horrible Truth

During the original trip, Leonidas Hubbard was taken and, unbeknownst to Dillion, murdered by Deep Ones. Wallace is raving mad, recreating tableaus from the Lure of the Labrador Wilds to try and resurrect Hubbard, to no avail.

Tour: Approximately a week after arrival in St. John’s, Canada.

Deeper, and Deeper Still!

Far below Brownsville, Kentucky, America lies the Mammoth Cave, a 400 mile (640km) stretch of cave, ripe for exploration. Traverse the Limestone Labyrinth of Kentucky. Local contact, Floyd Collins will provide lodging and dynamite. Help Collins explode a new entrances into the Bottomless Pit, the River Styx and the Rotund Room, while avoid shifty cave owners, looking to poach explorable caves. Additionally, please ignore news reports of Kentucky’s Cave Thing, and various missing persons reports.

The Horrible Truth

Set against the Kentucky Cave wars, a battle for the control and domination of the Mammoth Cave and all it’s tourist opportunities, bombardiers like Collins disturbed an ancient and not-totally-abandoned city of Serpent People. The Serpent People viciously protect their ruins at the bottom of the Bottomless Pit, striking against locals, even inspiring a local cult.

Tour: Three weeks after arrival in Brownsville.


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