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An Automatically Sent Email About a Basement

Hey guys – Hope all is well with you in these crazy times. You haven’t heard from me for a while. I’ve had a bit of a problem lately and I’ve been trying to handle it myself without bothering anyone else. Especially you guys, since you did kind of warn me off but in my […]

Internal Memo Regarding a Fugitive Gargoyle

A handout for The Yellow King: Aftermath Hello Irvin and Tasha – Just a quick memo to put into writing my concerns as expressed in our recent meeting. I believe it is a mistake to deprioritize nonhuman persons of interest as we assemble our investigative list for the Commission. I grant the considerable practical considerations […]

Protocols for Interacting with an Outer Dark Information Console

Handout for The Esoterrorists You have been forwarded this confidential Ordo Veritatis Supplementary Operations Manual Entry because you have either discovered an Outer Dark Information Console (ODIC) or have reason to believe you will encounter one during the course of your current ongoing investigation. As you proceed it is essential to balance two competing but […]

Mine the Works of Jean Béraud for Yellow King: Paris

The paintings of the Russian-born French artist Jean Béraud (1849-1935) offer a trove of inspiring images for the Paris sequence of your Yellow King game. Straddling the warring Impressionist and Academic camps, he specialized in scenes of everyday life and worked during and beyond the game’s 1895 setting. Like the action of a typical scenario, […]

Enliven Your Yellow King Game With Belle Époque Mug Shots

Along with many other historical figures of 1895 Paris, characters in The Yellow King Roleplaying Game can meet Alphonse Bertillon, who pioneered both the scientific and pseudoscientific strains of criminal forensics. He appears in the Paris book; we also discuss him in this episode of Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff. The mug shot remains […]

Props as GM Tools

The following article originally appeared on an earlier iteration of See Page XX in February 2008.  Distractions are Your Friend Using Props and Toys in Your Game by Jamie Maclaren Role-playing is a very specific type of group interaction, but many of its features are not unique. There are many activities that involve sitting, talking, sharing […]

The Plain People of Gaming: To Hell In A Handout

I must confess that I love handouts in roleplaying games. I love them a little too much. In the upcoming expanded Hideous Creatures, we’re doing player-facing documents for each monster, hinting at some aspect of the creature in an oblique way. Some tips on their creation and use… Handouts are Artefacts Handouts must feel real. […]

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