Internal Memo Regarding a Fugitive Gargoyle

A handout for The Yellow King: Aftermath

Hello Irvin and Tasha –

Just a quick memo to put into writing my concerns as expressed in our recent meeting. I believe it is a mistake to deprioritize nonhuman persons of interest as we assemble our investigative list for the Commission. I grant the considerable practical considerations both of you raised. Yes, absolutely, there are a raft of difficulties related to this, ranging from the challenges of capture and incarceration to the public awareness aspect which I concur is not to be taken lightly. In the end the entire issue of how much Weird Shit to admit the existence of will be resolved far above our pay grade.


If we are aware of an individual who has committed crimes against the populace as grave as any human prisoner we have set for trial, and this suspect remains in this reality, I contend that we must act.

Or, if not us, directly, than through others I alluded to in our meeting.

The prime target for this perhaps unorthodox approach continues to lurk in this very city. We have photographs of him in the warehouse at 11th and Avenue, taken two weeks ago. Multiple witnesses affirm his repeat visits to this location over the past month. At the very least we must exercise a high level of curiosity regarding who he is talking to and what he is doing.

Two entirely reliable informants corroborate that Monsieur Suffisant graduated from the Bronx Zoo enhancement program. They disagree on whether he acted as an independent contractor for the DIS or was in fact an on-payroll agent. They disagree on the number of dissidents he killed, and the extent of the atrocity involved, but both peg that at a non-zero number.

According to these reports, Suffisant exhibits enhanced strength, the physical resilience one would expect from a being with stony flesh, and a curious capacity for camouflage. His powers of persuasion may border on the hypnotic, as several reports mention the mesmerizing flash of his emerald eyes.

Whether he is in fact a gargoyle formerly active in 19th century Paris, a contemporary human altered with gargoyle DNA, or a gargoyle altered with human DNA, cannot be relevant to our decision re: next steps.

I would argue that only two viable choices present themselves: neutralize him or bring him in. We cannot allow him to freely rove.

My strong preference would be to bring him in for full interrogation, just as if he were homo sapiens. There is much a fully intelligent nonhuman can tell us about the Bronx Zoo, the DIS, and its interface.

Plus, as mentioned, he is planning an operation right now, and given Suffisant’s history, we want to disrupt it.

In short, my strongest recommendation remains that we contact those deniables I spoke of and put them on the case.

Best, Sanjay

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