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Props as GM Tools

The following article originally appeared on an earlier iteration of See Page XX in February 2008.  Distractions are Your Friend Using Props and Toys in Your Game by Jamie Maclaren Role-playing is a very specific type of group interaction, but many of its features are not unique. There are many activities that involve sitting, talking, sharing […]

Call of Chicago: Averoigne 1895

“My shadowy visage, grey with grief, In sunken waters walled with sand, I see — where all mine ancient land Lies yellow like an autumn leaf.” — Clark Ashton Smith, “The Kingdom of Shadows” Robin has staked out Paris with his customary élan, and Robert Chambers has toured us through Brittany, but there’s at least […]

13th Sage: How to Use Backgrounds in a Modern Setting

A 13th Age GM recently asked for advice on using Backgrounds in a modern setting. At first I didn’t see the problem—”Former circus performer” should work the same in the modern world as it does in the Dragon Empire, right? But when I really gave it some thought, I saw the difficulty. “Former circus performer” […]

View From the Pelgrane’s Nest – December 2018

This months’ View is more remote than usual, coming to you from the heady heights of New York City, where I’m waiting for my flight back to Europe after PAX Unplugged. This was our second time at this Philadelphia-based show, and it went very well for us this year. I’m very excited by how our […]

March 2018: View from the Pelgrane’s Nest

Both Senior Pelgranes are freezing our pinions off here in these Pretanic Isles, as inclement weather descends on us. I can hear the mocking laughter of Toronto-based Robin and Chicago-based Ken as we complain that -4C is cold. At least we can all agree that Farenheit is a nonsense, eh? From London, it feels like […]

September 2017: View from the Pelgrane’s Nest

September ended with ThawCon, my annual 13th Age fest, so this is a 13th-Age-heavy issue. I’ve also been playtesting GUMTHEWS, Kevin Kulp and Emily Dresner’s GUMSHOE fantasy game, and an indie game we are publishing (more on that another time). This month, we release the second adventure for Langston Wright, the veteran investigator first featured […]

Finding our Production Assistant

In December, we advertised a vacancy for a Production Assistant. We’re a small company, so this is really significant for us, and we wanted to make sure that we recruited the right person for the role. Simon and I discussed it extensively, and realised that there were two key aspects we were looking for. The first was experience […]

Spirit of the City – the City as Character

by Jason Fryer “There are eight million stories in the naked city; this has been one of them…” ~ The Naked City (1948)  Be it police procedural, horror, or spy thriller, characters are integral to the GUMSHOE campaign, influencing and expanding the narrative with their personal stories.  However, although ever-present, one vital character remains oft-forgotten […]

April 2016: View from the Pelgrane’s Nest

This month we’ve been working on Time Watch, honing Fear Itself 2nd Edition and the working on outstanding Dracula Dossier books and papers. Our friends at Campaign Coins have honoured us by running a 13th Age-based-Kickstarter featuring Icon Tokens and dwarven tower coins. As a tie-in, this month’s 13th Age Monthly Coin Tricks discusses coinage and […]

RPGs Decoded: Getting into RPG sales

by Brian Dalrymple Brian Dalrymple owns The Adventure Game Store & Dragon’s Lair in South Florida. He’s also worked in games distribution and publishing, and is a graphic designer. He sells a lot of role-playing games. Find his store online at or follow him on twitter @AdvGameStore Chances are, as a recipient of the Pelgrane […]

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