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See P. XX: Five Places to Look for Quandos Vorn

A column on roleplaying by Robin D. Laws In The Gaean Reach Roleplaying Game, your team of interstellar grudge-holders journeys to the galaxy’s darkest crannies in search of the arch-criminal Quandos Vorn. In reprisal for the despicable wrongs he’s done each of you, you’ve sworn to track him down and send him to his grave. […]

The Dying Earth RPG index

Welcome to the Dying Earth RPG’s magnificent, nay superlative, index of publications The Dying Earth Revivification Folio – the latest incarnation- Out Now Here you will find a brief listing of all the products available: each title linked to a full page of information RULE BOOKS Dying Earth RPG (the original rulebook) Turjan’s Tome of […]

The Dying Earth RPG

The Dying Earth is available once more from the Pelgrane Press store. A future, unimaginably distant… The sun, now in its dotage is a swollen maroon orb. It stutters and blinks. At any moment it may finally go out. Earth, immensely old… Dig anywhere and find a buried city or the shore of a vanished […]

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