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Welcome to the Dying Earth RPG’s magnificent, nay superlative, index of publications


Here you will find a brief listing of all the products available: each title linked to a full page of information

Dying Earth RPG (the original rulebook)
Turjan’s Tome of Beauty & Horror (advanced rules for Turjanic play)
Rhialto’s Book of Marvels (advanced rules for Rhialto-Level play)
The Primer of Practical Magic (Rules for taking D20 play into the Dying Earth, or the Dying Earth into D20 play)
The Dying Earth Revivification Folio (A different, streamlined way to run DERPG. A slightly tuned version of the Skulduggery rules.)
The Quickstart Rules (A downloadable free zipped pdf outlining the marvelous original rules system)

SOURCEBOOKS [Background information packs also using including adventure outlines] The Compendium of Universal Knowledge (the DERPG encyclopedia if you will)
The Kaiin Players Guide (sheer tons of information about the city of Kaiin and it’s inhabitants)
Demons of the Dying Earth (bringing occult horrors into play to test your jaded and over-confident PCs)
The Scaum Valley Gazetteer (massive details on an entire region of the Dying Earth)
Cugel’s Compendium of Indispensable Advantages (items, cantraps & new rules to enhance Cugel-Level play)
Ascolais & the Land of the Falling Wall (bumper double edition of the XPS in paperback form)
Tooth, Talon & Pinion (bumper double edition of the XPS in paperback form)
Fields of Silver (an adventure series in and around Erze Damath and the Silver Desert)

PDF ADVENTURES (not currently available in hard copy)
The Day of the Quelo (The official sample Cugel-Level scenario)
The Exasperating Cadaver (Another Cugel-Level scenario)
On the High Road to Kaiin (Scenarios and articles for Cugel-level games).
Gomoshan’s Tomb (The official sample Turjan-Level scenario)
The Creep of Inaccuracy (The official sample Rhialto-Level scenario)
All’s Fair At Azenomei (Part 1 of the Footsteps of Fools series)
Strangers in Saskervoy (Part 2 of the Footsteps of Fools series)
The Lords of Cil (Part 3 of the Footsteps of Fools series)
Beyond the Mountains of Magnatz (Part 4 of the Footsteps of Fools series)
And Thence to Almery (Part 5 of the Footsteps of Fools series)

The Dying Earth Map Collection (proudly produced by Sarah Wroot)
The Excellent Prismatic Spray magazines (full of adventure and amusement)


All The Dying Earth RPG downloads and resources

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