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Night’s Black Agents: Solo Ops Free Downloads and Resources

Downloads Download blank Problem cards US Letter / A4 Download blank Blowback Problem cards US Letter / A4 Download blank Heat Problem cards US Letter / A4 Download blank Injury Problem cards US Letter / A4 Download blank Serious Injury Problem cards US Letter / A4 Download blank Shadow Problem cards US Letter / A4 […]

Free Downloads and Resources for The Fall of DELTA GREEN

Character sheet downloads The Online Character Builder – The Black Book Download a colour character sheet PDF (A4 format) (US letter format)  Download a form-fillable colour character sheet PDF (A4 format) (US letter format) Download a B&W character sheet PDF (with no background) (A4 format) (US letter format) Other downloads Download a set of pregens for Operation ALADDIN’S CAVE Download a […]

Free Downloads for New Trail of Cthulhu Players and Keepers

While running Trail of Cthulhu for the first time might be intimidating, never fear – there are a wealth of resources to guide you through your first games: New Trail of Cthulhu Keeper questions and advice on Yog-Sothoth.com GUMSHOE 101, Kevin Kulp’s helpful overview of GUMSHOE The Enchiridion of Elucidation, a guidebook for both players […]

Free Gaean Reach Downloads and Resources

Gaean Reach Downloads   Download blank character sheet Download the Gaean Reach Series Premise Download the three sets of Build Cards (Knowledge, Persona, Life) Download a set of Vancian taglines Download the taglines for The Cerulean Duke Download a Vengeance-Seeker Ability Matrix Download a Scenario Worksheet Download an Antagonist Record Sheet Articles   Recent Aliases […]

Eternal Lies Call of Cthulhu conversion

Andrew Nicholson has been very hard at work converting Eternal Lies for Call of Cthulhu. He’s painstakingly gone through each act and explained how to tackle the core clues contained therein, and also how to make sure your players get nicely SAN-reduced as they uncover the mysteries of the campaign. You can download a zip […]

New Eternal Lies Resources

There are lots of great resources being created for Eternal Lies at the moment, so here are just some of what people are doing for the game. Be warned – these links will contain game spoilers, so if you haven’t read the campaign or you’re hoping to play it, don’t read these! Andrew Nicholson’s Eternal […]

Eternal Lies FAQ

This is a FAQ for people who already have Eternal Lies and want to run it. If this is not you, please do not read it as it contains buckets of spoilers. [spoiler title=”Eternal Lies Frequently Asked Questions”] Next, let’s reiterate: every adaptation of Eternal Lies is different and distinct. One adaptation may flow from […]

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