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Looking Glass: Saigon 1968

Pre-order The Borellus Connection now and get Looking Glass: Saigon 1968 free! Saigon, 1968: Vietnam’s “Paris of the East” is a hotbed of conflict and intrigue, from the CIA and the Viet Cong to Buddhist monks and Western media. Looking Glass: Saigon 1968 gives you a view into all this, as well as the city’s […]

Looking Glass: Hong Kong

Looking Glass: Hong Kong is a “Low and Slow” city setting for many possible GUMSHOE games. This look at one of Asia’s most cramped and chaotic ports features the lay of the land, including markets and masses, and three unique backdrops for the main setting – a scenic or thematic element, or just somewhere to stage a […]

Call of Chicago: What We’re Looking For When We’re Looking At Cities

By now Looking Glass: Mumbai has dropped, in the Ken Writes About Stuff series. We’re right on top of things here. We’re so on top of things that it might still be called Secrets of Mumbai, even though it doesn’t really give away any secrets. I like Looking Glass as a series title for city […]

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