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13th Sage: Lightning Elementals

Cal Moore created the lightning elemental as part of the newly published High Magic & Low Cunning: Battle Scenes for Four Icons. I tweaked the stats a bit to get them to play more like our other elementals. High Magic & Low Cunning includes stats for the 7th level version of the lighting elemental. The […]


Phoenixes are more than a symbol—they seem functionally immortal, though there may be years or decades or even centuries between some rebirths. Rob Heinsoo and ASH LAW bring these fiery elementals to 13th Age, with writeups for the flamebird phoenix, resurgent phoenix, void phoenix, and solar phoenix. You’ll also find phoenix-themed magic items, adventure hooks, and more! […]

The Waking Stones

A megalith is just a set of standing stones—unless they’re actually members of an ancient stone race, reawakening in the 13th age! This full 13th Age Bestiary-style writeup has heroic, ambiguous, and villainous options that should fit into most any campaign. The Waking Stones is the eleventh installment of 13th Age Monthly Vol. 1. You can buy it as a […]

13th Sage: There’s No Such Thing as a Shadow Mongoose

By Rob Heinsoo and ASH LAW At the Gen Con 2014 Monster Design workshop, ASH LAW, Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan, and I collaborated with the audience to create a new 13th Age monster from scratch. It was great fun, and our audience-collaborators all signed my black book so that we could list their names at the end of this […]

13th Sage: Orc Spear Grunt

by Rob Heinsoo When I read the fun Wrath of the Orc Lord organized-play adventure written by ALL CAPS WOMAN, aka ASH LAW, I decided I’d want another orc variety or two if I was running the adventure myself. For those keeping pace with the 13th Age OP seasons, Wrath of the Orc Lord is just about over. But I […]

Tianacs – a 13th Age monster

Tianacs by Lawrence Augustine R. Mingoa Introduction Some say tianacs are the spawn of witches who turned themselves into living vampires using vile rituals, while others claim that they’re the bodies of unborn or uncleansed infants that are corrupted by undeath. But regardless of how they came to be, tianacs are so small that they […]

New 13th Age monster – the Uchawa

by Ryven Cedrylle The Uchawa (taken from the Old Gnomish Uczaáła “sand-borer”) is a gigantic crustacean found beneath the sands of many of the world’s deserts. Uchawa have a yellow-orange carapace, a dozen short reddish legs protruding from the underside and four forward-facing arms, each ending in a three-pincered claw. The claws are capable of […]

Lich King Scarecrow – New 13th Age Monster

We knocked on 13th Age editor Cal Moore’s door demanding tricks or treats. He told us to wait, and disappeared back into his house for a few minutes. We heard terrible sounds from within. Then THIS emerged. Lich King Scarecrow This manikin of straw and sticks will scare away more than just the birds when the […]

Monsters of the 13th Age: Bamaltaph

By Ryven Cedrylle   Bamaltaph The bamaltaph is a roughly horse-sized creature, though it more closely resembles a mole or similar burrowing mammal. They are covered in a short, bristly hair that protects their skin from being scratched by rocks as they dig, but is also short enough to easily shake out sand and silt. […]

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