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13th Age T-Shirt Slogan Competition Winners

Thanks to everyone who sent in their fun 13th Age t-shirt slogan ideas! Rob Heinsoo and I read and discussed them, and together we chose our three favorites. Grand Prize goes to Tim Baker: “Well, that escalated quickly.” Second and Third Place go to Michael Keon: “Ask me how 3 + 4 equals 13” “I […]

13th Age T-Shirt Slogan Competition

Pelgrane Press has a new merchandise store, and soon you’ll be able to buy 13th Age merch there! Hurrah! To celebrate the store’s launch, we’re running a 13th Age t-shirt slogan competition: Email your cleverest, funniest, and/or most badass 13th Age t-shirt slogan ideas to support@pelgranepress.com with the subject line “13th Age t-shirt competition”. Only […]

Cthulhu Confidential Competition Results

We are pleased to announce the winners of the Cthulhu Confidential Competition.  We asked: So, tell us who you’d One-2-One with and why in under 100 words (or 140 characters on Twitter), and our judges will choose winners to receive a signed, numbered, leatherbound, limited edition copy of Cthulhu Confidential. Our winners are: Yohann Delalande, […]

Cthulhu Confidential Competition: Who Would You One-2-One With?

This competition is now closed. Answers will be announced in March’s Page XX Win one of three signed limited editions of Cthulhu Confidential! GUMSHOE One-2-One is designed for a GM and one player who investigates Mythos mysteries solo. We want to know which fictional character YOU would most like to star as in a One-2-One […]

The RPG Geek One Sheet GUMSHOE Contest 2015

by Yohann Delalande [Editor’s Note: Yohann ran the the One Sheet GUMSHOE competition on RPG Geek, which had an extraordinary 18 entries. Congratulations to all the entrants .You can download all the entries here.] One of the recurring obstacles every GM has met at least once concerns time vs preparation work. After all, it is […]

Trail of Cthulhu Scenario Competition

Heroes in the Dark have asked us if Trail of Cthulhu entries can be considered as well as entries forCthulhu Dark, and I was happy to agree. Submit the scenario with the subject line “Horrors in the Dark Scenario Submission” by email to heroesinthedark@gmail.com, with a return receipt to ensure delivery. If the file is […]

Night’s Black Agents Competition

In December’s Page XX we launched a competition to desgin your own Night’s Black Agents conspiracy using the Conspyramid. The section on Conspiracies starts at page 155 of Night’s Black Agents but we have included the Conspyramid information below. We’ve had a number of fantastic entries but we want more. Here are the rules – […]

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