Ashen Stars Ship Schematic

In Ashen Stars (formerly GUMSHOE Space), every PC has a warpside role and a groundside role. Warpside, you can take on the role of pilot, gunner, erngineer, comms, stratco or medic, doubling up where necessary. During starship combat, each role has an important part to play and meaningful choices to make. As well as the usual sequence of maneuvers, feints, weapons and repair choices, players can choose special gambits highlighting their roles – the engineer can re-rout off line subsystems and the comms expert jam the opponent’s internal comms.

Players can spending points from their own pools,but also spend ship’s resources to improve their chances at every stage. This brings us to the ships schematic which I envisage being placed in the middle of the table stacked with tokens representing the ship’s pools.  As you snatch tokens to boost weapons fire or make emergency repairs, the ships resources deplete, and you might even find yourself depleting pools your fellow crew-members might need later.

This schematic is based on Ralf’s example map for Cosmographer described here.

A PDF is here.

SCHEMATIC fancy post

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