Pelgrane News Round-Up

A lot has happened since our last mail out, including GenCon. This is summary for occasional browsers:

  • The Dance in the Blood, the third and penultimate in Graham Walmsley’s Purist series is out now. The three adventures are available in a printed, limited edition form in a clean, simple and Keeper-friendly layout. Graham has signed and numbered them all.
  • Skulduggery is now available as a PDF, and three playsets are in draft format. We’ll announce the playtest shortly.
  • Pelgrane Press now has an employee, Beth Lewis, to speed up our production schedule and generally make things more efficient. She has already laid out the new Arkham Extended Edition, Dance in the Blood and is now working on laying out Not So Quiet, an adventure set in a hospital on the Western Front in the Great War.
  • As proof of concept, Beth is converting Esoterrorists into ePub and mobi format for use with most ebook readers. We’ll supply this to all existing Esoterorists customers at no charge. Vote here to let us know whether or not you have an ebook reader.
  • A new adventure by Bill White – The Big Hoodoo features SF writers Phil K Dick and Robert Heinlein amongst the characters. Read more and sign up for the playtest here.
  • Bookhounds of London is ready for layout.  Paula Dempsey is putting the finishing touched on its companion volume, the Occult Guide.
  • Gareth Hanrahan will be writing new content for us to release every month for Pelgrane, starting with three Skulduggery playsets. He’s written a four episode campaign called Dead Rock Seven for Ashen Stars, and he’ll be moving on to other supplements. Let us know what you’d like to see here.
  • The first set of Cthulhu Apocalypse adventures is out of playtest, and is ready for illustration and layout.
  • Ashen Stars is out of playtest and is now ready for a second pass from Robin Laws.
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