Playtesters Wanted: The Apocalypse Machine

We are in need of playtesters for the second part of the Cthulhu Apocalypse series (the first part, The Dead White World, is available to buy now).

The Apocalypse Machine is a campaign setting which allows players to construct their own apocalypse, deciding everything from the initial cause (from droughts to disease to Dagon and everything in between), to the fallout and the eventual survival conditions. The players get to decide why the water in that particular part of the country is unsafe to drink and where fresh crops will still grow and even where they can stock up on shotguns and baseball bats to defeat the Deep One hordes.

The idea of this playtest would be for your group to construct an apocalypse using the Machine and play a session or two in it then let us know how it went. If you’re interested, please email me with ‘Apocalypse Machine Playtest’ as the subject, stating whether you’ve playtested for us before. The deadline for feedback is the end of May.

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