View from the Pelgrane’s Nest – April 2011

This months round-up will be a little different from the usual as I am writing it instead of Simon (he’s off on the continent enjoying the sun) so the Pelgrane torch has temporarily passed to me. There’s been a lot going on in the office this month, the Ashen Stars layout has started, new products are being released and work on all the forthcoming titles is continuing steadily.

New Releases

Out this month we have Invasive Procedures, the truly chilling new Fear Itself scenario from Gareth Hanrahan. Fear_Itself_Cover300px highSecond we have the Ashen Stars pre-pre-order.  Also we have the Bookhounds of London PDF, for those of you who don’t want to buy the full, gorgeous hardback, the PDF-only download is now available.

The GUMSHOE Character Generator

With only 62 hours left to go, we have hit our last target to include Fear Itself and Esoterrorist support. You can still donate here. We’ve been overwhelmed by the generosity of our fans and would like to thank you all for your contributions. This character generator is an important addition to our resources and it would not have been possible without your support. Keep an eye out in future products for your name or the destruction of your home town. I know Graham has had a lot of fun writing some of these into Cthulhu Apocalypse so some of you will receive emails from me in the future asking for further details.

Fear Itself

This month seeings the first addition to the Fear Itself line since The Book of Unremitting Horror. Invasive Procedures is a wonderful and horrific adventure that left playtesters truly chilled. Set in a hospital in the 60s, as a patient all the PCs have to do is get out alive. Easier said than done. It features an extract from The Book of Unremitting Horror and outstanding artwork from Pascal Quidault.

Ashen Stars

The Ashen Stars pre-pre-order is also released this month. Get a simple PDF now, exclusive fiction, and your name in the credits, and then get the final PDF and finally a signed and numbered copy on relelase.
huth_AS_bridgev2 300 px

In Production

  • The Rending Box is going to begin layout next week.
  • Many Fires by Jason Morningstar has completed playtest and is in final drafting stages
  • Hell Fire by Adam Gauntlett, a scenario centering on the notorious Hell Fire Club is currently in playtest
  • Cthulhu Apocalypse: The Apocalypse Machine by Graham Walmsley is available for playtest and you can read an extract here.
  • The Love of Money by Matthew Sanderson, the Esoterrorists adventure is in final draft stages.
  • Brief Cases: Three Adventures for Mutant City Blues by Gareth Hanrahan is entering layout stages.
  • The Dying Earth Revivification Folio by Robin D Laws is in final draft stages

Everything Else

Work continues on Razed and Night’s Black Agents. Pelgrane Press will have a good showing at GenCon, there are 9 registered events for Pelgrane games, including Bookhounds, Night’s Black Agents and Ashen Stars. I will be posting a full list and details next week.

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