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View from the Pelgrane’s Nest – February 2018

In January, Cat and I take stock of our previous year and look ahead to the next one in our Annual Partnership Meeting. We hold this on the dry Friday before WarpCon, a games convention based in Cork, Ireland, primarily in the student union bar, which means good minutes are essential. The Book of Demons is […]

How the Price Adjustment Affects You

At midnight on 13th January 2017, we are increasing the GB pound prices in our webstore. This article explains how we calculated our new prices, and some of the reasons for the increase. For a full breakdown of the reasons behind this price increase, see my previous article, Brexit and Price Adjustment. Why Adjust the Prices? Before I […]

On the 13th Age eBook release

We’ve had a few questions about the 13th Age ebook release. First the facts. The ebook will be made available before the end of the month to anyone buying the Escalation Edition. The ebook will also be included with any order after the release date. For retail customers, the PDF will be available to customers of […]

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