Review of The Apocalypse Machine

Kafka reviews The Apocalypse Machine on – another  9/10

The sourcebook takes the skeleton provided by Trail of Cthulhu’s Gumshoe rules and warps it to meet the needs of the post apocalyptic world by the addition of a very simple heuristic or tool for creating the end of the world – The Apocalypse Machine. It uses the analogy of dials on some sort of diabolic machine that allows the Keeper to set the magnitude and scale of the apocalypse, as well as controls for the time frame. Allowing the Keeper to create their own specific dead world, it could be bleak like in Comac McCathy’s The Road or still cling onto some vestiges of civilization á la Mad Max. I think it is this degree of control that makes this supplement so unique and what appeals to me – that the apocalypse might be slow and insidious or has already occurred or happened in the distant past.

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