DramaSystem/Hillfolk Playtest Part 5

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22 [Weise Schildkröte] Dramatic
Once more the priest’s cave is the setting for a scene, as Weise Schildkröte tells Dunkeltot, he should be doing his duty now and kill Prince Silbergischt in the dark of the night – as he had done back then with the prince’s father, in the raid that had led to Seestern’s captivity.*
Dunkeltot refuses to bow to tradition and obey the old priest – he is done with killing and wants no part of it. This earns Weise Schildkröte a drama token.

23 [GM] Dramatic
The next scene sees Prince Silbergischt at the fire of his camp deep in talk with Seestern. She is arguing for peaceful negotiations and a trade alliance, while he wants revenge on the Rock-mighty – especially for the death of his father. Seestern let slip that it was Dunkeltot who did the killing and the Prince finds a clear demand: He will make peace and trade with the tribe in exchange for Dunkeltot’s head.
He asks Seestern to deliver this message (emotionally petitioning for her obedience). He did as he asked (and gained a drama token from the GM).

24 [Zornige Löwin] Dramatic
Zornige Löwin casts a wonderful scene as she overhears Seestern delivering this message to Silberstern and rushing off to warn Dunkeltot and urge him to flee with her into the night. He agrees after some deliberation, earning a drama token.

25 [Silberblick] Dramatic
If Zornige Löwin had stayed a little listening, she would have heard that Silberblick is not willing to sacrifice a member of the tribe to the Tridents. He denounces any attempts at diplomacy and trade and also seeks Dunkeltot.
He finds the assassin as he is packing his things to feel with Zornige Löwin and also demands that he does his duty. The threat of two drama tokens hangs in the air.
At this point Falkenauge inserts himself into the scene (spending a drama token to do so), entering the case where the two talk. He also presses on Dunkeltot, and says that he will do it instead, of his brother is not willing.
And his brother does indeed stick to his decision, not to spill blood again. Instead of using his drama tokens to force Dunkeltot, Silberblick accepts Falkenauge’s offer to do it instead. The chief earns a drama token from Dunkeltot.

26 [Dunkeltot] Procedural
As Falkenauge is preparing to take up the assassin’s role, Dunkeltot and Zornige Löwin are slipping out of the stronghold and try to escape unnoticed by the Tridents.
As I wanted to save my green token for the assassination event that was upcoming, I used a yellow one for a standard challenge. Dunkeltot’s strong Sneaking ability proved enough to slip away easily into the night.

27 [Falkenauge] Procedural
So Falkenauge sneaks into the Trident’s encampment and finds the prince lying a little way off with Seestern in his arms. As he raises his iron (theme!) dagger to plunge it into Silbergischt’s heart, Seestern awakens and her scream alert the guards. But chieftain Silberblick raises a diversion at the gate, distracting the Trident warriors from the enemy in their midst. The prince himself awakens too late as Falkenauge stabs him in the chest.
This difficult (green token) challenge against Falkenauge’s Strong Sneaking ability proves to be a tough one. But Silberblick’s final intervention turns the tide and the deed is done.
As this point I called the vote for the death of a recurrent NPC – which ended 4:3 against his death. Prince Silbergischt was only mortally wounded after all.

28 [Seestern] Dramatic/Epilogue
Seestern sees that it was the iron (theme!) starfish amulet that she had sent as a message that had turned away the blade from the heart itself. She runs to Weise Schildkröte and demands that he uses his healing skills to save the Prince. She has two drama tokens to force a compromise … but Weise Schildkröte has three and blocks her attempt. He flat out refuses to help the Prince who is now a mortal enemy. Iron (theme!) weapons will rule between Rock-Mighty and Tridents.

– The last round was very powerful and everybody was on the edge of their seats. The drama token economy worked beautifully, as now several people had enough to insert themselves into scenes, force concessions and even block them! It was great to see the different uses in action.
– At the end there were 14 drama tokens in place, exactly half as many as we had played scenes.
– We had 1 colour-only scene, 4 purely procedural, 1 dramatic/procedural and 22 dramatic scenes.
– Some players had trouble believing that we had indeed completed 4 full rounds and 28 scenes, time flew that quickly.
– We’ve decided that we would like to see the saga of the Rock-Mighty continue and will probably play again some time next month.

*This had been partly established in the last session and elaborated upon in this one.

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