Night’s Black Agents Actual Play reports

Here are some actual playtest reports for Night’s Black Agents

Tinker Tailor Vampire Die

For those that do not know, Night’s Black Agents is Pelgrane Press’ newest game, a combination spy thriller, eldritch horror, vampire suspense tale.

I adore this game and would bear it’s RP-babies if it would let me. Mechanically, GUMSHOE is pretty clean and easy for new and experienced hands alike to pick up, allowing for the focus to be on the particular story.

For those that do not know me, I’m John. I…do stuff. One of those things is gaming. And this is my game, a slightly hacked version of a Mirror-version of Night’s Black Agents called “Tinker Tailor Vampire Die”.

Where I Run Night’s Black Agents

Saint Clair Gamers Actual Play Podcast

Kevin Kulp’s Game – A Player’s Feedback

Kevin Kulp’s Game Another Player’s Feedback







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