View from the Pelgrane’s Nest – July 2012

This month we celebrate Page XX’s ENnie nomination for Best Website with a super-duper bumper edition. A plethora of other Pelgrane products have been nominated in six categories, and you can read the full roster here. Our first Night’s Black Agents adventure The Zalozhniy Quartet is on pre-order, and the Stone Skin Press Kickstarter is nearing its first stretch goal. The 13th Age Escalation Die is now set at 2 with an updated version from Rob. Keep on testing!

Stone Skin Press Kickstarter

We Kickstarted our fiction imprint Stone Skin Press, and it’s already – just short of the 150% we need to create a new anthology – Schemers. Every day we are posting an article on stories on the Stone Skin Press site. See the latest update.

Trail of Cthulhu fans should consider the Shotguns v. Cthulhu anthology, and you can get all four anthologies for only $25 and buy Beth a cupcake (to improve her productivity, you understand) for only $3. Why not consider our selection of rewards for backers?

Night’s Black Agents

Night’s Black Agents has gone to press, and should make GenCon. Print pre-orderers can download the laid-out PDF from their order page.

  • The Zalozhniy Quartet, a set of adventures by Gareth Hanrahan with Ken Hite is now on print pre-order – get the bare-bones PDF now and the full version by August.
  • The Night’s Black Agents Companion is now in planning stages, and it will include tips for agents and new cherries for all abilities, forensic information on vampire types, an extended tech and weapons summary with weapon special features, more thriller maneuvres and extra monsters, plus much more.
  • Ken and Gareth will be in Chicago later this month to put their heads together for the Dracula Dossier, which is the Armitage Files for Night’s Black Agents.

13th Age

Rob has released an updated version of the Escalation Edition, with new feats, updated classes including the monk. Download it from your order page.

Rob is also working on the first adventure for the game Shards of the Broken Sky. He says:

This sandbox adventure for 13th Age centers on the crash of one of the Archmage’s flying realms. As threats multiply, the flying land turns out to have been the control point for magical wards neutralizing three ancient evils. With the cone of secrecy shattered, each of the thirteen icons offers rival opportunities for glory, plunder, or heroic sacrifice.  Plot, non-player character, and location options allow the gamemaster to tune each play-through of Shards of the Broken Sky to the icon relationships that campaign’s player characters care about most.

Also in the pipeline now are a 13th Age Bestiary, incorporating everything we’ve learnt from creating the Book of Unremitting Horror, the Dying Earth and the Compendium of Universal Knowledge. Monsters will not just be monsters, but mini-adventures, with statements from scholars, icons and adventurers on the nature and behavious of the denizens of this world, and a gazetteer of the Dragon Empire.

Trail of Cthulhu

  • Ken Hite has completed the new rules for Mythos Expeditions, and is working on the first chapter so that other writers can produce their expeditions.
  • Graham Walmsley has given the go-ahead to release his Purist adventures in a print volume with additional material on the Lake District.
  • Gareth and Graham are working on the next chapter of The Apocalypse Machine.
  • Robin is continuing to delve into the Dreamlands with his Dreamhounds of Paris, and is also working on a companion volume in the mold of The Occult Guide called the Livre de Fourmis  – Book of Ants.
  • For playtest we have Sisters of Sorrow by Adam Gauntlett set on a U-boat.

Gaean Reach

We are in need of playtester for a game of revenge set in the Gaean Reach – please apply here.

Ashen Stars

Robin’s article this month describes an Ashen Stars adventure, Tartarus, based very loosely on a recent blockbuster film. It will be out very soon.



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