Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan is coming to work for Pelgrane Press

Gar and Elyan[Ed’s note: Long-time freelance writer for Pelgrane Press Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan will be working for Pelgrane Press as of October. We are very fortunate to have him – he is consistently reliable, knows and loves the GUMSHOE system and produces excellent quality writing and plays well with Ken and Robin. You can read about his work here.]

Here’s what Gar had to say about it:

Gaming (Core Clue): You pitch five campaigns you really want to run to your regular group, and every one of them is a Pelgrane Press product.

That wasn’t the only factor in accepting Pelgrane’s offer, but life throws very few Core Clues at you, so when one comes along it’s best to follow it. Otherwise, I’d be thrown back on my General Abilities, and that’s never a good idea.

Pelgrane Press has engaged my services part-time for the next six months (for the rest of that time, I’ll be training the next generation of gamers to roll the dice instead of eating them). For the first few months, my targets are assembling Accretion Disk for Ashen Stars, continuing to work on Dracula Dossier with Ken, and developing 13th Age material for several different projects, like the Living Dungeon campaign we’re codenaming Moby Dungeon. No doubt there’ll be other projects, but those should keep me busy and sleepless for a while.

I also intend, of course, to continue the secret Irish takeover of Pelgrane Press, now that Cat’s established a beachhead in the main office. Ken’ll should be a pushover after his experiences at Warpcon last year; all that remains is to convince Robin that what he perceives as Canada was actually Ireland all along (doubtless one of the more obscure schemes perpetrated by the Esoterrorists), and then we’ll have Simon surrounded.

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