October 2014: View from the Pelgrane’s Nest

cat3The Pelgrane is flying south for the Winter (a week in Spain, anyway) so apologies for the rushed nature of this post.

This month we tread the Trail of Cthulhu, with Dulce et Decorum EstSoldiers of Pen and Ink and The Seventh Circle available as PDFs.

But the most exciting news for me this month is the preorder offer for the long-awaited Dreamhounds of Paris and its companion book, The Book of Ants, due for physical release in January. We have proofs in hand!

Finally, creeping closer, oh so close, is the clawed and ancient hand of that most ancient of vampires. Soon, you will vant to back our Dracula Dossier Kickstarter!

13th Age

The Eyes of the Stone Thief

The Eyes of the Stone Thief is days away from layout completion.

It is gloriously monstrous and beautiful, and I am happy we made the decision to go full colour . Lee Moyer has run his eye over the art and with the permission of the artists, enhancing the images to better match the 13th Age style – an example here.beforeandafterHere is a full page spread:

mino To give you an idea of the scope, there are an extraordinary 222 new monsters and variations in the Stone Thief, along side cat270 magic items.

13th Age Orders and Pre-Orders

Trail of Cthulhu

Dreamhounds of Paris, I think Cat will agree, has been our most complex book to art direct, and the most challenging for the artists. Art has to reflect the nature of the PCs (actual surrealists) and the setting (the Dreamlands and Paris of the 30s). The book will include eight colour plates, now complete, reflecting this. The Book of Ants is the Dreamhounds’ equivalent of the Occult Guide to London, and that’s ready to go, laid out and illustrated byt Sarah Wroot, who also did the Occult Guide.

The Book of Ants and Dreamhounds of Paris are available on preorder as a bundle.



Dracula Dossier Kickstarter

Some of you may remember that this was due to launch on October 17th. Unfortunately, delays on Eyes of the Stone Thief and Dreamhounds of Paris – both of which are gorgeous books as a result of the extra effort – has pushed this deadline back. We are currently hoping to launch the Kickstarter this coming Monday, November 3rd – presuming we can outpace the shadowy conspiracies which have thusfar thwarted us.  Here are some previews of the covers of the Unredacted Dracula and the Director’s Handbook.

dracula unredacted cover03Director's Handbook book mockup


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