View from the Pelgrane’s Next – June 2015

It’s been an utterly packed month, with Games Expo, Origins and the Dracula Dossier occupying all our time. Yesterday, we uploaded four books to the printers – Dracula Unredacted, the Director’s Handbook, Cthulhu Apocalypse Doomsday Edition and the Forgotten Monk. Despite all our best intentions, and because GenCon is early this year, we’ve pushed very, very hard to give these books an outside chance of getting there. The 13th Age team have put together an updated System Reference Document to include the Bestiary, and we’ve planned new lots of new releases for 13th Age.

New in the store: Cthulhu Apocalypse Doomsday Edition, Hideous Creatures: The Great Race of Yith and Summoning Spells – the fifth edition of 13th Age Monthly.

caCthulhu Apocalypse Doomsday Edition

On 2nd November 1936, the end came and humanity fell. What happened next?

This is your answer, in the form of a 216-page hardback, written by Graham Walmsley with Gareth Hanrahan.

Graham Walmlsey wrote of Stealing Cthulhu and the seminal Purist adventures collected as The Final Revelation.

He also the author of the Gold-Ennie winning Apocalypse Machine, and their accompanying adventures The Dead White World, and with Gar, Slaves to the Mother. Those releases form the core of this new edition. Gareth has composed additional adventures which range from the the ravaged shores of England to America and beyond.

The Doomsday Edition is on pre-order from the store – download the PDF now.

ENnie Award Nominations

We’ve received a fantastic seven ENnie nominations in this, the year of Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. I was slightly downcast at the absence of The Eyes of the Stone Thief and the 13th Age Soundtrack from the ballot, but the competition is tough, and you can’t accept the plaudits without accepting the process. Here is what we are up for.

Best Interior Art, Best Setting

Best Electronic Book, Best Writing

Best Free Product

Best Monster/Adversary

Best Podcast

The Dracula Dossier

The great triumverate of Ken, Gar and Cat have finished their work on the Dracula Dossier Director’s Handbook and Dracula Unredacted. Chris Huth and Sarah Wroot have completed their layout, and the files are with the printer. The ebook version will be delivered to backers before the end of next week. There are more components to complete, but the end is in sight. The Handbook and Unredacted will be available for pre-order next month.


13th Age

  • The 13th Age Bestiary, and the free Organized Play adventure The Archmage’s Orrery have been nominated for an ENnie. You can download the adventure from the link without signing up for Organized Play.
  • Summoning Spells – the fifth edition of 13th Age Monthly is out now. I can’t wait to watch my group’s Wizard experience the joy of summoning a Laughing Demon!
  • The Archmage Engine SRD has been updated with the monsters from the Bestiary. Download it here.
  • We are finalising lots of 13th Age plans this month, including a GM’s screen – but I can’t say more that that for the moment. Watch this space.

Trail of Cthulhu

Work continues on the Out of the Woods anthology, which includes contributions by Ruth Tillman (interviewed here) and Adam Guantlett.

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