You Can’t Find Page XX?

There will be no November 2015 See Page XX – we’ll have a double issue in December.

Why? Well, we are changing our online store this week. The new store clean and easy to use. It will have a bookshelf to list out all your downloads and subscriptions from past orders on the old store, and make easier for you to order and organise your downloads in future.


There are bound to be teething problems, so we are doing a live test then a soft launch this week. A soft launch and a See Page XX are not compatible; when our excited readers go on to the webstore, we want to have a system in place which experienced all the vagaries and complexity of real-life customers.

What’s not changing is that we will never store your financial details anywhere; when you place an order we simply send your details to Paypal, or our secure payment gateway, while covering our eyes – and we get a yes or no back.

We are also redoing the website – a massive undertaking. It will integrate nicely with the new store, allowing you to add items to your basket from product pages, and remembering your basket items between sessions. It won’t be completed until the New Year.

Ken Writes About Stuff and 13th Age Monthly subscribers have the latest editions – Las Vegas: 1968, and The Waking Stones, respectively – available to download on their order pages now.

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