13th Age Organized Play Update: March 2016

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Into The Underworld 4: Eldwold Rises!

Into The Underworld: Eldwold Rises! is the fourth installment in the Underworld series. The adventurers have been tracking a gem that crashed into the underworld inside a meteorite—and now the gem has finally been located, in a malevolent living dungeon that’s has patterned itself after the now-ruined surface city of Eldwold. Into the Underworld: Eldwold Rises! is a 4th level 13th Age adventure in four two-hour sessions.

If you’re a 13th Age Monthly subscriber, download Into The Underworld from your Bookshelf. (RPGNow/DriveThruRPG/OneBookshelf subscriptions to 13th Age Monthly will include the new organized play adventures.)

Become a 13th Age Volunteer GM

There’s so much demand for 13th Age play at conventions that we can always use more help from GMs. If you want to join our crew as a volunteer GM, fill out this form!

CC_KS_13thAge_Crusader-tokenIcon Tokens and Dwarven Coins Are Coming!

Of interest to the organized play community: Campaign Coins announced an upcoming 13th Age compatible Kickstarter on Twitter, to create icon relationship tokens (green on one side for an advantage, red on the other for an advantage with complications). They also plan to make dwarven tower coins, as described in the 13th Age core book. Keep an eye out for it on April 19.

Into The Underworld 4 Monster Preview: Dungeon-Abomination

When a living dungeon needs to spawn defenders in a hurry, the results are not pretty.


This monster is barely holding itself together, liable to fall apart into its component parts at any moment. Hurriedly created by a newborn living dungeon to defend it, these horrors know only pain and rage.

3rd level wrecker [ABERRATION]

Initiative: +8

Each round roll 1d6 twice to discover what attacks dungeon-abominations have available:

  1. Antlers & hooves
  2. Tentacles
  3. Acid spit
  4. Beak
  5. Pick one of the above, but it is a quick action instead of a standard action
  6. Pick one of the above and the abomination takes 1d6 damage.

Antlers and hooves +6 vs. AC—8 damage
Natural even hit: 2 damage to each engaged enemy.

C: Tentacles +6 vs. AC (1d3 nearby enemies)—7 damage
Natural roll above target’s Strength: Target is pulled into engagement with the abomination.

C: Acid spit +6 vs. PD (one nearby or far away enemy)—5 ongoing acid damage

Beak +6 vs. AC—10 damage
Natural even hit: Make a fire breath attack as a quick action.

[special trigger] C: Fire breath +8 vs. PD (1d3 nearby enemies)—3 fire damage
Natural even hit: the fire damage is ongoing.

Nastier Specials

Sporadic flight: On rounds where the abomination rolls under the escalation die with one of its d6 rolls it can fly, though clumsily.

AC 19

PD 17  HP 50

MD 13

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