March 2018: View from the Pelgrane’s Nest

Both Senior Pelgranes are freezing our pinions off here in these Pretanic Isles, as inclement weather descends on us. I can hear the mocking laughter of Toronto-based Robin and Chicago-based Ken as we complain that -4C is cold. At least we can all agree that Farenheit is a nonsense, eh? From London, it feels like we are in a live action version of the campaign Albion’s Ransom, in which and Esoterrorist weather control ritual has brought sudden blizzards and extreme temperatures to an unsuspecting England.

The Fall of Delta Green

But cold can’t knock the excitement of the announcement that The Fall of Delta Green is available for print pre-order, PDF now, with a release aimed for June after the Kickstarter backers have received theirs. It’s a beautiful book, to paraphrase an enthusiastic rpg.netter, but more importantly it’s the first GUMSHOE core book written by Kenneth Hite since Night’s Black Agents. Not only has he honed his GUMSHOE skills since Trail, he is a masterful Delta Green writer and frequent player. I don’t think there is another person alive who could have done a better job of it.

On Free RPG Day, we’ll be releasing an exclusive FoDG adventure, On a Bank by Mooonlight, with quick-start rules in a flip book with similar Cthulhu Confidential goodies, Be sure to snag it from your FLGS when it appears.

13th Age

I’ve been running Eyes of the Stone Thief for my Monday group, and I’ve taken full advantage of Battle Scenes to add city-based interludes between fomenting orc rebellions, drinking unspeakable beer, and fighting armoured trolls in a gladiatorial arena. The Book of Demons is at the printer after a long and complex development cycle, and my son has taken advantage of it to play a Slaughter Path Demonologist, dishing out hellish damage and summoning demons into his staggered foes.

The Book of Ages is the next book in the production schedule, and we’ve unknotted the Cartography Conundrum which has plagued Shards of the Broken Sky. I can’t make any promises for a release date as yet.

You know what the most popular book at my table is? The Book of Loot! And players can never get enough treasure, so we are following up with Loot Harder – hundreds of new magic items including campaign-changing artifacts.

We are having a 13th Age production meeting next week to hammer out the next two years’ releases but I have learned my lesson and won’t promise concrete news until I am sure what’s up.

Some Site Viewing Stats

We often look at site stats to get an idea of the relatively popularity of our games in actual play, and the Resources page seems like a good test. In the past year, Trail has been first, 13th Age next, with Night’s Black Agents following.

Just for fun, here are the top twelve posts for that period. It’s pleasing that so many people look at the GUMSHOE system reference docs and that there is a lot of excitement for The Yellow King RPG.

Free Downloads and Resources for Trail of Cthulhu
The Yellow King RPG
Cthulhu City
13th Age Core Book
The GUMSHOE System Reference Document
Free 13th Age Downloads and Resources
Night’s Black Agents
Free Night’s Black Agents Downloads and Resources
Lions & Tigers & Owlbears: The 13th Age Bestiary 2
See Page XX

What Else We Are Working On

This list is by no means comprehensive:

  • Gareth has finished the pre-playtest draft of GUMSHOE One-2-One Night’s Black Agents, code-named SOLO. Look out for the playtest soon.
  • Work continues on Fearful Symmetries, which has been called in for a brush and polish.
  • Kevin and Emily are making good progress on the Swords of the Serpentine, a fantasy game of city-based intrigue and corruption, code name GUMTHEWS, which we aim to have as a major release in 2019.


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