View from the Pelgrane’s Nest – December 2021

Yes, it’s been a time. But what even is time, in this new normality we find ourselves in? It’s hard to keep track any more, but I’ll try to drag myself back from the abyss into a regular See Page XX routine again we are excited to be getting back on the horse and taking off again!

NEW RELEASE: Fearful Symmetries

We’re very excited to launch the pre-order of Steve Dempsey’s long-awaited Trail of Cthulhu setting, Fearful Symmetries. Steve’s extensive knowledge of esoteric England shines through in this sandbox campaign setting. Players play magicians who are initiated into an English coven, with a lofty goal – to reunite the Albion of William Blake by reactivating England’s ley lines. Steve introduces two new Keeper tools, The History Machine and The Folklore Machine, allowing Keepers to immerse the players in the history and folklore of 1930s England. The final PDF is available immediately to pre-orderers, and this is going to print next week.

NEW RELEASE: The Book of the New Jerusalem

I really enjoy author Paula Dempsey’s Augustus Darcy writing voice, as seen in her previous book, The Book of the Smoke: The Investigator’s Guide to Occult London. Where that focused on London, The Book of the New Jerusalem expands to include all of England, and is an invaluable reference guide for anyone running a Fearful Symmetries campaign – or any game focused on occult England – as well as being a really engaging, wry and funny read for anyone with an interest in the topic. The final PDF is available immediately to pre-orderers, and this is also going to print next week.

MOAR NEW STUFF: The new website

If you’ve been on our website in the last six weeks, you’ll have seen that a lot has changed around here. Most of it is for the better – navigation should be easier, the search functionality is much improved, and we’ve redesigned the shop and the bookshelf, as well as working on the back end to add more functionality. However, we have had some issues with the transfer of data over from our old website – specifically around historic orders, of which there were nearly 100,000 (!!!) Our web developer, Dan, has been working around the clock to get these imported, and we really appreciate your patience during this process, which has taken considerably longer than we anticipated (don’t these things always). We’ve now got about 90% of the historic data imported, and hope to have everything done by the end of the year. Of course, there’ll still be bugs, so if you have any comments, issues, or questions, please do let us know by emailing us at

Work in progress update: Swords of the Serpentine

The final PDF has gone out to pre-orderers, and we’re waiting for a cover template from the printers to get this printing! I’m thinking it’ll take about two months once we get it printing – although every printer I’ve spoken to has said they have big backlogs – so I’m optimistic we can get you your books in February 2022.

Work in progress update: Even Death Can Die

Layout artist Aileen Miles has very kindly agreed to plod through this document and make the extensive edits that eagle-eyed Trisha DeFoggi found in what we’d thought was our “final” document. She’s making good progress, but it’s very time consuming. We’re hoping to get a final PDF to pre-orderers in January 2022, and then it’ll be another two months or thereabout for printing, so the print books should be arriving with pre-orderers in March 2022.

Work in progress update: The Borellus Connection

I’m currently commissioning the maps – as Fall of DELTA GREEN fans will know, cartography is very important for these books – and Jen’s finishing up the final art on this. We’re hoping to get a final PDF to pre-orderers in February 2022, and then assuming the two-month print lead time continues, print books should be shipping to pre-orderers in April.

Work in progress update: Black Star Magic

This has now been copyedited, and art is flowing in, so layout will be starting later this month. I particularly like Jessica Greving’s art for The Wars. Check it out!

Work in progress update: Legions of Carcosa

This is just going into editing and art now. I’ll share some sample art in the next edition of See Page XX.

Work in progress update: 13th Age projects

It’s true that we haven’t moved as swiftly as we could have hoped on any book. But there is progress.
  • Drakkenhall: City of Monsters has four chapters fully edited and three-chapters nearing completion. Art is complete and it’s now in layout, and we’re aiming to have it on pre-order by the end of 2021.
  • Behemoths: Paths of the Koru is rapidly moving through development. It’s going to be in editing by the end of 2021. Interior art is being assigned now, though we haven’t settled on its cover art.
  • Rob’s work on Icon Followers slowed down the past month while he designed a card game, but will pick up again in December.
  • Gareth’s Prophet of the Pyre adventure is more than half-written, and he’s getting back to it early in 2022.
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