February 2024 playtesting

Dice imagePlease email support@pelgranepress.com for instructions on how to take part in this playtest!

Title: Cassilda’s Song: This is Normal Now section

System: The Yellow King RPG

Authors: Robin D. Laws

Deadline for return of feedback: Monday, June 3rd, 2024

Number of sessions: 1-2 sessions per each of the four adventures


Like the YKRPG itself, Cassilda’s Song consists of four books, one for each of the core settings. Each contains four scenarios, plus additional scenario spines (outlines for you to further flesh out) and story hooks (short premises for you to structure and flesh out.)

The four This Is Normal Now scenarios to be playtested are:

  • Going Viral. Social media video clips the characters don’t remember recording put them on a dizzying path from ordinary people to supernatural investigators. They discover that an evil spirit trapped in the body of a child’s doll has been ordered to remove them from a strange game between alien princesses.
  • Erasure. A friend’s personality shifts lead the group to an assisted living facility run by patients wielding abilities derived from alien mushrooms.
  • Paris Will Always Have You. An amusement park evoking Belle Époque Paris provides an entry point into an unreal tunnel network, where the gang can step into alternate worlds and meet other selves. When they emerge they find their world awash in monsters, with a recent past overwritten in their absence.
  • The Final Sign. With the princess war about to end, and with it civilization as they know it, the gang must cut the link between Carcosa and Earth once and for all. But if they follow through on the wrong alliance they’ll end everything, period.
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