View From the Pelgrane’s Nest – March 2024

I’m delighted to start off with a shout-out to our  estimable Patreon backers! Thanks to Peter, Bryan, Clark, Jim, Emma, Craig, Phil, Bryant, P. Troilus, Michael M, ScottKey, Michael B, Andreas, Ranting John, Samwise, Michael H, Andy, Mark R, Daniel F, Jiří K, heartdoc32, Marcus, and Eric!!

NEW RELEASE: Your Dead Eyes My Mirror

New this month is a PDF release of Your Dead Eyes My Mirror, a grindhouse-homage longcon adventure or miniseries for Fear Itself. Originally commissioned to form part of the upcoming FI adventure anthology, excellent feedback from our playtesters showed that most groups were playing this in a miniseries timeframe (4 x 4-hour sessions) rather than as a one-shot, so we’re releasing it as a stand-alone PDF instead.

In Your Dead Eyes My Mirror, the PCs are casual friends, part of a grindhouse audience in 1975 Chicago, who have gathered to watch a controversial giallo at the end of its run, when a brutal murder takes place in the theater, and echoes of the savagery bleed into the PCs’ lives over the following days.

Similar to the horror films that inspired it, this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, and contains thematic elements that some players may find disturbing. But if your group are giallo or slasher film fans, this is a great adventure to run in a break between longer campaigns.

WORK IN PROGRESS UPDATE: The Borellus Connection

If you pre-ordered this, you’ll no doubt be as pleased as I am that the final, full PDF is now available to download from your bookshelves. Jen McCleary always does amazing work, but she’s really hit it out of the proverbial ballpark with Borellus, There’s jaw-dropping original art on nearly every one of the 416 full-colour pages, and it’s all stunning. I’m really delighted with how it’s come out. Timeline-wise, it’s with the printer as I type, so giving it six weeks to print, and another six weeks to ship, we should be sending them out to pre-orderers in June.

CONVENTIONS: Gen Con event submission closes Sunday, March 10th!

The first batch of events have gone through from our Gen Con GM recruitment now. This year, we’ve got a host of new adventures for GMs to choose from. As well as a sneak peek at what adventures Trail of Cthulhu 2nd Edition will be bringing, the new Fear Itself adventures from the upcoming Ocean Game will be available, and 2nd edition 13th Age adventures, too. GMs also get a t-shirt, swag bag and our eternal gratitude – and if they run more than three games for us, they also get free entry! Email us now at before Sunday, March 10th to join the team.

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