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Recurring Characters and Dramatic Poles

By Robin D Laws In DramaSystem, the engine of our upcoming game Hillfolk, GM-run characters who appear on a regular basis are called recurring characters. This denotes their importance to the storyline and the main cast of player characters. The series protagonists care about them enough to seek emotional rewards from them, engaging them in […]

A Set of Night’s Black Agents Pre-Gens

Matthew Breen has created some beautiful Agent Dossier character sheets for Night’s Black Agents and six well fleshed-out pre-gens to go with it by Kevin Kulp. The blank dossier is available to download here and the pre-gens here as PDFs. NBA Pregens CC (Revised)  

The Hillfolk Kickstarter

The Hillfolk Kickstarter has been an unprecedented success, we never thought it would reach $25,000, let alone the $85,000 it’s currently on (13 hours to go), with over 2000 backers, so thank you all for your support. The kickstarter has some fantastic deals, from just $10 for the PDF version, $25 for the print and […]

Sisters of Sorrow Review

Kafka at RPGNet has given Adam Gauntlett’s Sisters of Sorrow 10/10. You can read the full review here. The grouping of the imagery of life aboard the U-Boat, is counteract the quixotic, almost valiant accepted wisdom that many of us have about submarine warfare thus producing an excellent adventure that incorporates the horror war with […]

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