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All We Have Forgotten Review

Jontheman over at has reviewed the new music for Ashen Stars, All We Have Forgotten, by James Semple, Marie-Anne Fischer and Yaiza Varona. All in all it’s an excellent album with some great music, and it’s suitable not only for Ashen Stars but for any science-fiction game. I can see this music working well […]

How Should I Publish My Setting?

by Graham Walmsley [Editor: Graham Walmsley created the award-winning Cthulhu Apocalypse setting for Trail of Cthulhu. His latest publication is Scott Dorward’s Fairlyland scenario for his game Cthulhu Dark.] People often ask me: how can I publish my setting? What should I do? And, because I didn’t know the answer, I asked various successful publishers. […]

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