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Free Downloads and Resources for Cthulhu Confidential

Articles GUMSHOE One-2-One, Playtest Feedback, and Acceptable Enjoyment Parameters – Robin D. Laws on incorporating playtest feedback into One-2-One What’s Changed in GUMSHOE One-2-One – Robin D. Laws on the differences between regular GUMSHOE and One-2-One Downloads Download “The Red Mist”, an adventure for Cthulhu Confidential, featuring bookhound Phyllis Oakely Download the Cthulhu Confidential blank […]

Seven Wonders Resources

Resources for Seven Wonders Blank character sheet for Before the Storm (A4 format) Blank character sheet for Before the Storm (US letter format) Blank setting sheet for Before the Storm (A4 format) Blank setting sheet for Before the Storm (US letter format) Blank character sheet for Heroes of the Hearth (A4 format) Blank character sheet for Heroes of the Hearth (US […]

Free Downloads and Resources for DramaSystem

DramaSystem Resources   Articles The DramaSystem SRD – A reference document for writers and game designers to create their own products derived from DramaSystem Supporting Characters as Foils – Robin D. Laws uses GMCs to manipulate a PC’s dramatic poles The No-Response Response – Robin D. Laws on pacing scenes to maintain suspense Going Full Caliban – Robin D. Laws […]

Eternal Lies interactive campaign map

Rickard Gudbrand was so inspired by the image on page 123 in the Eternal Lies book (left) that he decided to do a similar thing himself, to be able to give his players during the game.  Then he realised that he’d have to update the map as the investigators travelled to different locations, and possibly […]

Eternal Lies NPC picture handouts

 Rickard Gudbrand has designed another handout for his upcoming Eternal Lies campaign which he’s happy to share with everyone. This is cards for the main NPC’s of the campaign, intended to be printed, cut out and placed in suitable plastic card sleeves. As not all of the NPCs in the book have pictures, he’s used […]

Free Downloads for Night’s Black Agents Update

There’s been quite a lot of fantastic new downloadables posted on the Night’s Black Agents Downloads page, too. In case you missed our earlier post about this, Pedro Ziviani’s spent some time planning for his Zalozhniy Quartet campaign, and has put together some great resources for it, including: Flowchart of scenes and events from The […]

Resources for Owl Hoot Trail

Handouts Matthew Breen has designed a lovely one-page character sheet for Owl Hoot Trail – download it here. Download the two-page extended character sheet from the rulebook here. Download the three Perdition map handouts from the rulebook here. Adventures The Box is a one-shot adventure by Clinton Dreisbach – read it here. Articles and Resources Kevin […]

Rough, Dusty, Burned Magik

The man who gave Night’s Black Agents its sleek carnivorous look, Chris Hüth, has designed (and posted on his blog, The Elder Sküll) a modified Night’s Black Agents/Trail of Cthulhu Burn/Dust mode character sheet with slots for Magic, Mediumship, and Clairvoyance, should you want to play a paranormal spies vs. the Mythos game a la […]

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