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How to Play GUMSHOE: a handy cheat sheet for new players

by Kevin Kulp (From the introduction to TimeWatch, his investigative time-travel game)     General Abilities are how you get stuff done. Sneaking, fighting, running… all these are done with General Abilities. If you have a General Ability rating of 8 or higher, you’re incredibly talented at that activity (and may get access to cool bonus […]

Bubblegumshoe playtesters wanted!

Bubblegumshoe, developed by Kenneth Hite, Emily Care Boss, and Lisa Steele is the Evil Hat’s first delve into the GUMSHOE system. The design doc has been drafted and now they’re looking for Alpha playtesters to give it a spin! Interested? Great! Here is what they’re looking for: – Familiarity with GUMSHOE (have run it, played […]

Bookhounds of London – London Rumours

Player handouts for Bookhounds of London These rumours are player knowledge: the sorts of things eager Book-Hounds are likely to hear as they wander the streets, drink a pint in the pubs, and gossip with their cronies and rivals. Their degree of truth, and their potential for danger and profit, remain in the Keeper’s hands […]

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