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Converting new players to Trail of Cthulhu…and it feels awesome!

The following is a post from the forums by PTiKachu about his experiences running RMS Titanic: The Millionaire’s Special with a group of artists in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Warning: may contain game spoilers, so read at your own risk! —————————————- [GUMSHOE] Converting new players to Trail of Cthulhu…and it feels awesome! So, there is […]

Converting Achtung! Cthulhu to Trail of Cthulhu

by Christopher Smith Adair I’ve been converting scenarios to Trail of Cthulhu since I started playing the game. I get to dig in to the scenario or rules, see how it works, and reinterpret it. There’s at least as much art as science to conversions. Although I constantly refer to the ToC rulebook’s helpful guidelines, […]

13 Age review on

Erik Kain recently gave 13th Age an excellent review on, saying: “…one of the best systems I’ve encountered—and I’ve either played or read the rules to countless d20 systems at this point—is 13th Age, a game cobbled together by Jonathan Tweet and Rob Heinsoo.” He then goes on to say: “13th Age is … […]

13th Age of Camelot

A 13th Age/Archmage System hack by ASH LAW The lich-king Mordred is on the throne, Merlin is imprisoned, and Arthur and his knights are over a century dead. Undead grail-knights roam the land dispensing the king’s ‘justice’, and plague-zombies terrorize the peasants. Welcome to the 13 Knights of Camelot – a setting for 13th Age’s […]

13 Canes for 13th Age

13 Canes for 13th Age By ASH LAW Wizard’s canes are known for being eccentric creations – canes that conceal long-stemmed pipes or are topped with miniature orreries or have perches for familiars. The non-magical canes of bravoes are more utilitarian than those of magic users, reinforced and weighted with lead pellets in hollow interiors […]

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